Pink Bell Flower

Some kind of pink bell flower
July 17, the first blooms have mostly gone to seed, but the color is a lot stronger on the remaining ones and there are new buds getting ready to bloom.
Another mystery plant, labeled only "pink bell flower" when I bought it. It's more white with tiny purplish spots than "Pink" right now. I hope it gets pinker. It's pretty ugly!

It looks like a "campanula punctata," "Spotted bellflower", possibly the "cherry bells" version, but possibly not. It looks like it might get invasive. My blue Peach Leaved bellflower after years of not doing very much have suddenly taken over the middle of the garden. I'll keep an eye on this one, if it stays ugly, I'll move it somewhere else.

Photos taken June 29, July 17.

August 13, the pink bellflowers continue to bloom, and there are a few seedlings growing at their feet. I can see why this becomes an invasive plant.

NOTE: There were still a few blooms on the plant in October though it looked ratty. Lots of seedlings! We'll have a pink bell flower patch next summer. The flowers have darkened up some. You can see why they are called "punctata" as the little dots are very pronounced.

IMPORTANT NOTE: APRIL 2008. The Pink Bell Flower is definitely invasive! It spread by putting out thick underground runners and had taken over a 4 foot patch all around the original single plant.

I pulled up what I could and a week later, there were still new shoots coming up. I did not like this plant anywhere near enough to have it take over my garden. So be careful!