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I enjoy hearing from readers of this site. However, I no longer have the time or resources to reply to every email readers send me. Since I am not your doctor I cannot answer specific questions about your medical condition or that of a family member. I won't tell you which foods to eat or what I think of various diet products. I never review products companies send me for free, so there's no point in emailing to ask me to review yours. I prefer to use my energy to respond to people who need help coping with serious problems posed by diabetes.

If you write to me and don't receive a reply, be assured that I did read your message. If you write to thank me for this web site or my books, be assured that I will read your message and that I greatly appreciate your kind words.

If you write with a question and do not receive a reply, it is either because your question can be answered by using The Google site search, which is found on the upper left hand column on almost every page of this site, or because I don't have an answer to your specific question.

Please do not ask me questions about your low carb diet or related topics like non-diabetes-related insulin resistance unless you have read my book, Diet 101, The Truth About Low Carb Diets, as that book contains the answers to almost every question site visitors write to me about those topics. Also, please do not ask me for a referral to a doctor or nutritionist. I do not give referrals.

Please do not ask me for help regarding lawsuits, either.

I appreciate it when readers send me links to new research. In many cases, however, I have discussed the issues related to the research at length on my site or in my blog. In that case, I won't respond. If the research you point out is new and important, I will discuss it in a future blog post.

You can also find many answers to the daily challenges of living with diabetes by participating on one of the various support boards that you will find linked on our "Support" page which you will find HERE.

Please note that all advertising you see on this site is supplied by Google Ads. We do not respond to requests to run advertising on this site directly. We monitor the Google Ads and block those that are abusive when we see them. If we've missed one, shoot us an email and we'll block it.