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About Your Diabetes Questions Answered

This long awaited sequel to Jenny Ruhl's bestseller, Blood Sugar 101 gives you the facts you need to understand your Type 2 diabetes and master it. Less technical than the earlier book, its question and answer format focuses on solving the many real world problems that come up as you work on normalizing your blood sugar.

No matter how much you know about diabetes, you'll find valuable insights and helpful strategies among the over 200 answers presented in these pages.

You'll learn why you have diabetes, what you can do to keep it from damaging your body, and why you don't have to fear ending up like your diabetic grandpa. New material covers the history of diabetic treatment, how to cope with diabetes-related conflicts with friends and family, special issues that arise when elders are living with Type 2 diabetes, and how to understand why doctors are the way they are so you can make the most productive use of the very limited time your doctor is able to spend with you.

As always, Ruhl presents easy to understand solutions that have worked for thousands of ordinary people without requiring extreme diets, obsessional behavior, or heroic self control. With the information you'll find here, you can make them work for you, too.

Note: This book is also very helpful for anyone who has been given a diagnosis of prediabetes.