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To help you attain your weight and/or blood sugar goals, Blood Sugar 101 provides a monthly Challenge feature where you can post your goals and update your progress through out each month. Each month starts a new challenge, so join in with others who are serious about achieving their goals and make yours happen.

Links to the most current Blood Sugar 101 Monthly challenge can always be found at THIS LINK.

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About Our Diet Challenge

How our challenges work is that they let you post detailed stats about your weight or blood sugar control goals and current status, along with anything you'd like to share about your diet plans. Then you will be able to update this information weekly through the month so you and others also trying to make positive changes can see how you are doing. You can also see their stats and results, too.

Everything you post except your email address (if entered) is public. So you may want to use an anonymous Screen name.

You can update the description of your diet strategy and your comments every time you post your weekly progress. At the end of each month the challenge will be frozen and a new monthly challenge started.

Once you have posted your initial data for any monthly challenge, you can't change it, so take the time to do it right. The reason it isn't changeable is to make it impossible for people to fudge their data if their plans don't work out.

If you have made a major error or need your record to be deleted, please email jruhl9999-d12 at yahoo.com and we can do this for you. Otherwise, make corrections via the weekly update

My hope in setting up the challenge is that if we can get sufficient participation for this feature we will be able to collect much better diet statistics than are currently available, so as to be able to get a much better idea of how real people eating real diets fare. The books and online enthusiasts tend to make dieting sound much easier than it really is, especially for those of us who are older or female. Only with real input from real people, including those who aren't wildly successful, will we learn how to really make our diets work for us.

This feature is NOT just for low carb dieters. Any dieter is welcome to participate and share their approach and results. The blood sugar tracking and weight tracking are independent of each other. You don't need to participate in both if you don't want to.

We did a rudimentary monthly diet challenge years ago on the old low carb diet newsgroup and the findings there were extremely helpful to many of us for getting realistic expectations. That survey wasn't collected with much information about the dieters or the specifics of their diets. I have tried to make this one much easier to analyze should we get a lot of participation.

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