Finding Support Online

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Finding Support Online

It is a lot easier to work on your diabetes when you have the help of other people who have to deal with the same issues as you do, day in and day out. That is why finding support can be very important. Online support has the benefit that it is there for you 24/7. It keeps you in touch with the latest research findings as well as exposing you to the tips and tricks other people with diabetes have found helpful.

When you find support online, you will do best if you take advice from people who have had diabetes for several years and who have maintained excellent control, for example, A1cs in the 5% range or better. Remember that we all have different metabolisms and the causes of our high blood sugars can be very different, so what works for one person may not work at all for you. Be aware too that people paid to promote bogus supplements often participate in support groups and pretend to be people with diabetes. Spend some time getting to know any support group and read it for a while to get a feeling for how useful the advice is and how knowledgeable the participants.

Here are a few online support sites you might want to check out. This forum is friendly to the concept of achieving normal blood sugars by cutting back on carbs. While it isn't as active as some other diabetes forums, the quality of the posts appears very good.

The only issue you need to be aware of with this forum is that it displays ads for spammy diabetes products using formatting that makes these ads look like legitimate site content. So it is very easy to click on what looks like a forum link only to find yourself being sold some miracle cure, magic food, or worthless supplement. But if you ignore the ads, this forum is worth a visit.

Note: This is not the same forum as discussed below.

Diabetes Daily

Diabetes Daily has a wonderful headline service that keeps up with a lot of diabetes bloggers and news sites. Definitely worth subscribing. There is also a discussion board. is a moderated bulletin board that appears to have a steady stream of visitors. It has been recommended by some people I respect. However, has banned me from participating because I posted links on their board to pages on this Blood Sugar 101 web site that contained information relevant to the discussion thread. As a result, I no longer visit the site and cannot recommend it. You'll have to make your own decision about the worth of is not the same forum as discussed above.

The American Diabetes Association Forum

The American Diabetes Association Forums are sponsored by an organization (The ADA) which has worked tirelessly to keep people from diabetes to learn the facts about diabetes diets and medications. The organization is heavily influenced by the agenda of its primary sponsors, drug companies and large corporate junk food manufacturers. However, there are several very helpful people on this forum, especially alan_s, an old friend of mine from the years when I was active on the newsgroup. Alan has done a great deal to help newly diagnosed people with diabetes learn about the "Test, Test, Test" strategy that you will read about on this web site, which originated on

Unfortuantely, I was banned from the ADA forum years ago by the forum moderator for suggesting that people with diabetes cut their carbs to control their blood sugar. I don't know whether moderators still delete posts that don't support the ADA's basic line which is that people with diabetes should eat like anyone else and that a blood sugar of 180 mg/dl two hours after a meal is "tight control" and more than enough to maintain health. So if you visit this forum, take what you read with a grain of salt, especially if you are encouraged to take your pills, trust your doctor, and not worry your little head about your blood sugar control.

Diabetes Support UK

Diabetes Support UK is a site with a discussion forum tailored to the unique needs of the UK diabetes community.

Another active UK Diabetes support forum can be found at Forum.

Tu Diabetes

Tu Diabetes Tudiabetes is primarily a support site for people with Type 1 Diabetes, though there are a small number of people with Type 2 active there.

If you find a diabetes support site I have neglected that you feel is useful, please let me know.
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