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I know your time is limited, and this site is very big--90,000 words at last count--so here's a quick rundown of what you'll find in its pages. The emphasis is on teaching you how to bring your blood sugars down to the level that peer reviewed research has shown will prevent complications. The statements you'll find here are not just opinions. They're backed up by mainstream medical research which you can read--and evaluate--for yourself as we provide links to the actual journal articles.

Here's a summary of the most important topics you'll find on this site. Each topic is followed by a link or links to the pages that go into each point in detail.

You Can Avoid Deterioration and Complications No Matter How Bad Your Blood Sugar is Right Now

There are many more topics covered on this site, but these are the ones that are most important. I invite you to come and read the whole site when you have time. The information you find here could save your health!

Our Facebook Page is Where You'll Find the Latest Diabetes News

You'll find us at The Blood Sugar 101 Facebook Page HERE. We also maintained a blog for a decade. There are almost 500 articles posted there which cover research and topics of interest to people with diabetes.

The "Updates to Blood Sugar 101" Blog Tracks Important Updates to This Site

All changes to this site are posted in a special update blog. Each blog entry lists a significant change made to the pages here, with a link to the changed page and a brief description of the change.

Here's the Site Update Blog

Our Old Low Carb Diet Web Site Has Been Integrated into this Site

You'll find all the pages that used to be on that site, which discuss how to make low carb and ketogenic low carb diets work more effectively listed on the "Diet" tab found on the pages of this site.
Blood Sugar 101 Diet Index Page

Search This Site

This site is huge. You'll find a Google search bar you can use to find what you are looking for at the top of the left hand column of every page. This search will search both the Blood Sugar 101 main site and main blog.

Remember to use caution when responding to any ads Google displays. We monitor these ads on a regular basis and block any that we see that are clearly bogus, but occasionally abusive ads slip through. So please don't fall for "miracle cure" claims for supplements and diet products.

Now There's a Book Version of This Site's Content

Our Amazon diabetes bestseller is now available in a fully rewritten second edition up to date as of the beginning of 2016. It's available in both printed and ebook form and can be purchased from a long list of online bookstores. Take it to the beach with you. Give it to your friends or relatives who are having trouble controlling their blood sugars.

We have also published a full length book about how to use low carb diets most effectively which analyzes the available research to reveal the uncomfortable facts that other diet book authors omit or gloss over. Two e-book "Short Reads" are available for those who want only the facts and essential techniques and aren't as interested in the studies and explanations that back up the points we make.

Book: Blood Sugar 101: What They Don't Tell You About Diabetes
Book: Diet 101: The Truth About Low Carb Diets
Ebook Short Read: Lower your Blood Sugar
Ebook Short Read: Low Carb Problems Solved

How to Leave Feedback and Communicate with Us

Jenny Ruhl, the author of this site, welcomes your emails which you can send to the address you'll find on the "Contact the Author" page you'll find linked at the top of every page.

Please keep in mind that Jenny is not a doctor and cannot answer specific questions about your medical condition or that of a family member. She cannot help you collect evidence for legal actions involving medical malpractice. She is not able to recommend local doctors whose practices are in line with what we discuss here. She does not give diet advice beyond suggesting that you try the technique you'll find described HERE.
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